I have always been an Artist. I remember taking extraordinarily long periods of time as a child closely examining the world around me. Fascinated with nature, and especially animals I began sketching my observations. Art has continually been my main focus throughout my adult life. I think about it constantly from every imaginable angle. I strive to communicate the indescribable, complex emotions, the fierce pain of being misunderstood as women are, the confusion onset by perplexing world events, the elation of being at true peace, the supreme honor to view a wild creature up close, the things words fail to convey, the things that only the soul speaks of. 

I believe that Art is created ‘’through me’’ rather than by me. I steadfastly attempt to remain a honed instrument for the creator to speak through. I’ve experimented in a multitude of media, painstakingly finding the attributes of each so that at the precise time it can be called upon to speak in it’s unique voice. I hope to help mankind in some way with my Art, even if it is only to stir a faint memory or perhaps inspire. I have always been an Artist. 

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